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AMI Impact Report 2016

AMI is helping empower individuals, energise teams and transform organisations around Africa. Read about the stories and data behind our impact in our latest report.

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AMI Impact Report 2016

In 2016, AMI reached 10,300 people from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. 96% of surveyed participants are applying what they learn on the job, 82% improved their effectiveness at work since engaging with AMI and 75% acquired new skills in key management topics. 75% said AMI was more helpful or much more helpful than other training providers.  

This report provides an update on our impact during 2016, drawing on data from our annual survey as well as testimonials and stories from partners and clients.

About AMI

Empower your people. Build your business. Lead Africa.

The African Management Initiative (AMI) is a fast-growing social enterprise that helps businesses across Africa build motivated, productive and effective workforces through blended learning programmes. We work with managers and entrepreneurs on building key business management skills. We have partnerships with numerous organisations on work-readiness programmes for young people entering the workforce. 

We have already reached approximately 25,000 African managers and entrepreneurs from over 25 African countries and are expanding rapidly through an innovative blend of web, mobile and in-person workshops. We aim to reach 1 million African managers within a decade.