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AMI Focus

Short courses on key businesses challenges

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AMI Focus: Solve the key challenges holding back your team

Why enrol in this programme?

AMI Focus is a new series of short courses that allow teams and organisations to focus on a particular challenge they are facing. AMI Focus programmes include half-day and 1-day workshops where teams go deep with an AMI facilitator on a single topic, followed by access to associated online courses, tools and activities to help participants deepen their learning and apply their new skills back on the job. We have a range of AMI Focus courses listed below, and can cover additional topics to meet your needs. 

Topics include:

  • Performance management

  • Creating a values-based culture
Coaching for managers

  • Hiring the right people

  • Onboarding & managing new hires

  • Better problem solving
Intro to sales
Intro to customer service

To find out more and talk to someone about how AMI can help the entrepreneurs in your network build their businesses, download the brochure and get in touch at sales@africanmanagers.org.

Story from the field

Empower your people. Build your business. Lead Africa

“The insight given during the learning programme was invaluable, and I engaged well with the teaching methods and content. The tools were also quite helpful in terms of engaging others and solving problems.” – Edwin Kaduki from M-KOPA 

“Together with the thought provoking case scenarios which we worked on in teams, the learning was made very practical and interactive, a very vibrant environment. To sum it up, the level of engagement the program creates is excellent and is the core thing that stood out for me. - Wilson Chonjo from M-Power