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Grow Your Business

6-month programme that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses move to the next level of growth

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Grow your business

Why enrol in this programme?

Entrepreneurs often struggle with the basics of running and scaling up their business – how to pull together an effective business plan, how to get funding and grow the business, how to compile proper financial statements, how to manage the people they hire, and how to keep organized and focused. A key part of this is about building the skills of the team, but it’s also about putting in the right organisational ‘practices’ (processes and systems) to run the business effectively.

AMI works with a range of organisations – banks, funds, enterprise development programmes and accelerators – to support networks of entrepreneurs to build their businesses. GYB offers a scalable and impactful approach to entrepreneurship development and/or technical assistance for SMEs, providing real insight for intermediaries into the progress of companies in their network.

Programme overview:

  • AMI helps entrepreneurs and their teams identify 5 key organisational practices that their particular business needs to focus on
  • Participants take part in 3, 1-day workshops, at programme start, at 3 months and at 6 months
  • Between workshops, participants leverage AMI’s online library of 3,000 practical businesses tools to help them implement their 5 key practices in their businesses
  • They join a ‘pod’ of peers to support and hold each other accountable to implementing the 5 practices
  • Throughout the programme, AMI provides detailed data analytics and reports that track learning progress and business impact

Do you work with groups of entrepreneurs or SMEs? Are you struggling to find an impactful and scalable approach to Technical Assistance and/or capacity building? Download the brochure and get in touch to talk to someone about a programme to meet your needs at sales@africanmanagers.org.

Stories from the field

Empower your people. Build your business. Lead Africa

“The courses offered at AMI showed us how to win more customers. What I liked most is the practical business focus. Since I started applying the customer management skills learned from AMI’s courses in my business, I have seen a big increase in the number of new customers as well as retained ones.” Waziri Lawan, Nigerian Entrepreneur & YES participant 

“The AMI programme was practical, rigorous, and gave me the platform from which to effectively manage myself and others. The courses were extremely insightful and deep, ensuring you learn and implement with ease. I would definitely recommend AMI.– Alex Manya

“Having gone through this programme, I am better equipped to develop a revenue portfolio that will ensure sustainability of my company. Before now, I had a sole source of revenue; now stakeholder mapping, the five revenue sources and the product cycle curve are tools I will deploy in the new revenue portfolio. Thanks a lot for the opportunity - Ada Ozongwu