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Leadership Development

8-12 month programme for senior managers and leaders to build a culture of ownership, empowerment and performance

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Leadership Development Programme: Transform Your Organisation

Why enrol in this programme?

Senior leaders set the organisation’s culture and are the role-models for more junior managers.  But they often struggle to effectively empower their people and lead change in their organisation. Traditional training courses are heavy on theory, but rarely lead to real change and improved performance.  AMI’s ‘Leaders Programme’ is different.  This intensive 8-12 month programme combines high-impact workshops with online learning and on-the-job feedback and practice to ensure you see real transformation and results.

 Learning objectives

  • Lead by influence rather than authority
  • Empower your team to take responsibility for their work
  • Build a culture of ownership and a passion for performance
  • Transform a key part of your business to unlock performance
  • Coach and enable your team to learn and grow

To find out more and talk to someone about how AMI can help unlock your team’s potential, download the brochure and get in touch at sales@africanmanagers.org.


Story from the field

Developing strategic African business leaders with Acumen

Leading impact investor, Acumen, had realised that a lack of middle to senior management talent across its portolio companies was a bottleneck for growth. It wanted to help develop a top-tier bench of senior managers across its portfolio companies in Africa, and needed a transformational experience that would work for a dispersed group.

“Talent is the biggest issue for many of our investee companies, whether they know it or not,” said Molly Alexander, Head of Talent at Acumen. “The so-called ‘soft skills’ required to lead teams and successfully manage change are difficult to find, and rarely addressed by traditional training options.”

AMI took 26 participants from nine companies across East and West Africa through a blended learning journey that combined world-class online content with engaging in-person workshops and structured opportunities for on-the-job practice. Not only did the programme help participants develop their ‘soft’ leadership skills, but it helped them think strategically about organizational transformation and how to embed management best practices in their business, boosting the bottom line as well as their own careers.

100% of surveyed CEOs at participating companies reported improvement in senior management performance after the programme and 100% of participants found direct application of what they learned in their jobs. Acumen is expanding the programme and three of the participating companies have launched their own internal employee learning programmes with AMI.

“At Acumen, we feel that talent development solutions need to be practical, affordable and accessible, focusing on both hard and soft skills,” said Acumen’s Molly Alexander. “AMI was and still is the perfect partner to build this with clients.”