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Micro-Enterprise Accelerator

4-6-month programme for small-scale entrepreneurs to help professionalise and grow their micro businesses

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Micro-Enterprise Accelerator: Helping micro-entrepreneurs professionalise their business for resilience and growth

Why enrol in this programme?

Entrepreneurs running micro-businesses often struggle with the basics of running and scaling up their business – how to record transactions get their bookkeeping in order, how to bring in new customers, how to plan, and how to keep organised and focused.  A key part of this is putting the right organisational ‘practices’ (processes and systems) in place that will help them professionalise and grow their business.

Programme Overview

  • In this 4-6-month programme, participating entrepreneurs work on identifying 3 key organisational practices to focus on implementing in their business

  • Participants are provided with courses and tools via their mobile phones, which are designed to help them implement best practices 

  • AMI collects performance data from the businesses to track the impact of the programme and progress on goals 

  • Participants are provided with ongoing support and guidance by AMI’s experienced team. 

AMI has built this programme to be easy for micro-entrepreneurs with limited access to internet – it focuses on simple tools that can be downloaded and printed, a low-bandwidth online platform they can easily access on their mobile phones, practical 1-day in-person sessions that help explain the key tools, and the opportunity for networking and peer support from other micro-entrepreneurs on the programme.

Stories from the field

Empower your people. Build your business. Lead Africa

“I would recommend this programme to entrepreneurs, especially the ones running small businesses. The AMI programme gives solutions to problems that are facing many entrepreneurs. At the moment there is no platform or programme that will allow you to analyse your business problem and then give you solutions on how to solve it.”  

- Jenipher, Manager – small Kenyan security business

“When individuals run businesses, they avoid the small but important things like focusing on clients, they tend to focus solely on selling and not the relationship that needs to be built. Since completing the AMI programme I have learnt that it is important to keep on reviewing and asking your customers what do you need? how can I change? this has helped my business tremendously.”

- Kelvin Kang’ethe, owner of Kenyan IT business