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Open Programmes

Why enrol in this programme?

An open learning programme is for individuals or small teams to join a cohort of professionals from across organisations to build their management and leadership skills. AMI runs a range of open programmes on different topics and at different levels, providing high quality content as well as networking opportunities for participants. They ensure individuals build the skills and networks that will accelerate their performance and careers. 

Many participants are sponsored by companies who want a practical and affordable way to invest in high potential staff. Some take part in small teams. Some participants are individuals who want to upgrade their skills and invest in their career in a fast-paced business environment. 

Download our brochure for upcoming programmes in Kenya and South Africa. To find out more and talk to someone about how AMI can help unlock your team’s potential, get in touch at sales@africanmanagers.org.

Story from the field

Testimonials from our management & leaderships programmes

“I would like to thank AMI. M-KOPA has seen tons of value from the programme and we look forward to working with you again. We’ve seen in the last couple of weeks with the board and some investors that a big focus for us has been leadership bench strength, and just seeing the workshop today, it gives me a lot of confidence that we have great leadership strength, so thank you!” (Samuel Kariuki, Chief Human Resource Officer, M-KOPA)

The content is world class, and very practical to apply in my career. The interaction with other managers from different organization has heightened my work perspective by seeing similar challenges tackled in different contexts using similar management tools. But most importantly, the format of learning as put forward by AMI is very engaging and easy to follow. I would very much recommend AMI to any organization that wants to build a strong team of professional managers equipped with the best practices and skills of leadership for positive change.” (Douglas Dullo, SolarNow)

“I have done two modules though I have not fully completed them. They are so helpful. The goal setting module coupled with the Self-Management module has come at the right time when I needed to plan for the 2018 year. Thank you, AMI team. Keep up the good work!” (Julius Arungu, Management Development Open Programme Participant)