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Start Your Business

A 6-month programme for aspiring entrepreneurs to help get their business going

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Start Your Business: Helping aspiring entrepreneurs get their business going

Why Enroll?

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the growth engine of Africa, yet many aspiring entrepreneurs lack access to the practical tools they need to get their business idea off the ground.  The African Management Initiative has developed a low-cost offering for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them get started.  Leveraging low-bandwidth mobile learning and a practical, tool-based approach, AMI provides access to the key tools entrepreneurs need to take their idea and create a small business out of it.

In this 6-month programme, participants are guided through the key steps of developing their business – understanding the market demand, who their customer is and how to reach them; how to create a cost-effective productive or service; how to get funding for the business and manage their finances; how to stay productive, focused and resilient as they get their business going.

Programme Overview

  • Pre-Programme: Are you up for being an entrepreneur?
  • Month 1: What’s Your Idea?
  • Month 2: Who exactly are your customers and will they pay?
  • Month 3: How will your business work?
  • Month 4: How will you handle financing?
  • Month 5: Will it actually work – let’s test it!
  • Month 6: What do you need to do now to get this off the ground?
  • Post-Programme: Learnings, successes & next step

To find out more and talk to someone about how AMI can help unlock your team’s potential, download the brochure and get in touch at sales@africanmanagers.org.

Stories from the field

Empower your people. Build your business. Lead Africa

“I really enjoy AMI’s approach. Most training programmes are really theoretical while AMI is action-oriented, you are able to see the results first hand. The impact is seen and measured with tools that are given.”   

-   Kennedy Otieno – Owner of Kenyan security business

“The first thing we realised was that we had no business plan. Following the practices recommended for effective small businesses, we came up with a plan to track our cash flow for a month in order to get a clear picture of what was going where. From this data, we refined some of our business practices such as purchasing in bulk for better prices, repricing some menu items, dropping unprofitable items and re-organising our staff to match the business needs. Through this and continued tracking of our expenses vs sales, we have been able to achieve a positive increase in our profit.”   

-   Maureen Koskei, Manager, Kenyan Restaurant