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4-6 month programme for your people to learn how to effectively manage themselves and their work

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Thrive@Work: Empower Your People

Why enrol in this programme?

Your employees are the backbone of your organisation, and you need them to be productive.  Unfortunately, many lack the skills and tools to manage themselves and their work effectively.  Traditional training courses are heavy on theory, but rarely lead to real change and improved performance – AMI’s ‘Thrive@Work' programme is different.  This intensive 4-6 month programme combines high-impact workshops with online learning and on-the-job feedback and practice to ensure training translates into real results.

Learning objectives

  • Break down goals and projects into manageable tasks
  • Prioritise and manage your time
  • Communicate effectively
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Handle stress and emotions

To find out more and talk to someone about how AMI can help unlock your team’s potential, download the brochure and get in touch at sales@africanmanagers.org


Story from the field

‘Creating a buzz’ with new hires at a Tanzanian energy company

Off Grid Electric, a leading solar company, was growing rapidly and wanted to establish an in-house ‘Learning Academy’ to on-board hundreds of new entry-level hires at its head office in Tanzania, and to build a culture of learning & excellence across the company.

AMI worked with the team to design a blended learning programme to help new hires develop critical work readiness skils, such as communication, customer service and time management. We conducted intensive training with the client’s in-house facilitators in using the AMI platform, content and approach, then delivered a blended learning programme to over 500 new hires.

“Our staff love AMI. It’s creating a real buzz. By the end of your programme, paricipants have made so much progress. I would thoroughly recommend AMI as a learning partner,” Kati Regan, head of HR and Talent at Off-Grid Electric.

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