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Youth Employment Accelerator

A work readiness ‘boot camp’ to prepare young people for workplace success

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Youth Employment Accelerator: Prepare young people for workplace success

Why enrol in this programme?

The African Management Initiative’s Youth Employment Accelerator (YEA) programme provides young people with the skills and experience they need to succeed when they enter the workplace. Programmes can be designed to meet the needs of partner organisations. Typically, recruits will spend 6 weeks working full-time in small teams to complete assignments and projects, practice interpersonal skills, and learn how business works. At the end of the 6-week ‘boot camp’, AMI is able to manage the placement process as well as support graduates and their managers over the graduates’ first few months on the job.

Available content includes: 

  • Finding a job
  • Mastering a job
  • Making the job a success
  • Mastering sales
  • Mastering customer service
  • Knowing your business
  • Managing your new recruit 

To find out more and talk to someone about how AMI could deliver online and blended learning programmes to the young job seekers you support or aim to employ, download the brochure and get in touch at sales@africanmanagers.org.

Story from the field

Case study from Nairobi – young Kenyans step up

AMI partnered with the MasterCard Foundation to roll out a Youth Employment Accelerator in Nairobi in 2016. Programme design was based on a survey with over 30 organisations to understand their hiring needs. Results were exciting: 

  • 254 young people graduated from the programme
  • 65% of the recruits were women
  • 70% of graduates were placed in a role with a partner organisation
  • 89% of graduates felt more confident about finding a job
  • 100% of graduates would recommend the YEA to a friend


“Absolutely wonderful and transformational training. Its kept me involved and interested. I liked that it provided practical structures, tools, and strategies to implement the learned ideas and skills.” - Mark M., now working for a Nairobi-based social enterprise 

As a female leader in my community the key skills I practiced in goal-setting, problem-solving, project management and teamwork have enriched my capacity to nurture transformative leadership in girls and young women from underprivileged backgrounds,” - Patricia Kimani.