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AMI Programmes

Empower your people. Build your business. Lead Africa

AMI is pioneering a new approach to business and management training for Africa. We help businesses build motivated and productive workforces. We partner with organisations to equip entrepreneurs with key business skills. And we run work-readiness programmes for young job-seekers.

Our learning programmes combine online courses delivered via web and mobile, in-person workshops and on-the-job practice and support. We've reached over 25,000 people across Africa and worked with dozens of organisations. Explore some of our flagship programmes, or get in touch to talk about designing your own.

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Blended Learning

Choose from one of AMI's flagship programmes or customise your own.

Our most popular include programmes for middle managers and supervisors, senior managers and leaders, frontline employees, and groups of small businesses and start-ups.

All programmes combine online learning with in-person workshops and on-the-job support. 'Learning Lab' workshops are led by AMI's accredited expert facilitators.


Platform | Your Learning Academy

All programmes include a private, branded online 'Academy' to anchor the learning experience.

The Academy hosts materials drawn from AMI's library of 50+ online courses (download course catalogue - attached) and over 3,000 practical tools, as well as localised case studies.

Our platform is easy-to-use and optimised for mobile, meaning your people can learn anytime, anywhere.


iCoach | Your Staff Performance

Learning is successful when it translates into improved performance and results on the job.

iCoach is an integrated learning, development and performance management tool offered within the AMI platform and our Learning Academy packages.

iCoach combines 360 competency analysis, competency maps, performance and goal planning as well as personalised learning journeys that draw on AMI’s rich library of management resources and courses.


Social Learning & Networking

Learning with AMI is fun and interactive, drawing on the power of peer learning and social networking.

Participants have an online profile to showcase their skills and learning achievements to their boss and peers.

Programmes help participants connect, engage, share best-practices and learn from each other, ensuring that the learning sticks.